Understanding My Bill

Please be sure to read your entire bill every time.

Important info and updates will be available on your invoice.

The Top of your Bill:

Located top and center is the Invoice Date: ex. 6/1/2010, This allows you to know the date that your bill was generated.

Just to the right is the Invoice #: ex. 1000, This is very helpful when calling with billing inqueries.

Our contact info is convienently located between our company name and your billing address

The Main Section of your Bill

Below the dotted line on your Invoice you will find the Due Date: ex. 6/16/2010, You will notice that the Due Date is set exactly 15 days out from the Invoice Date.

Under the heading Description you will find various Information about your quarter, Including but not restricted to: Holiday Updates, Scheduling Adjustments, Quarter Dates, (ex. 6/1/2010 - 8/31/2010) and Service Details, Large Item charges or Discounts.

Under the heading Rate the price is listed for any and all discounts and or charges applied to your account for that quarter: ex. 45.00.

Under the heading Amount the rate will be replicated: ex. 45.00.

Holiday Updates: Located in the middle of your bill, below the quarter dates and service info, there will be a memo that will contain any info regarding Holiday service schedules.

The Bottom of your Bill:

On the bottom right-hand side of your bill you will see the total price for your quarter: ex.Total $45.00

On the bottom left-hand side you will find a small box containing information on Late Fees. Notice that a $20 Late Fee may be assessed for any invoices over 30 days past due.

Please make sure that your payment is made on time to avoid late fees and/or stoppages in service.