Recycling Guideline

The Garbage Man is happy to pick up the following materials for recycling:

  • Papers - This category includes newspapers, phone books, magazines, light cardboards such as cereal boxes, corrugated cardboards*, paper plates/cups/napkins, etc.
  • Plastics - The Garbage Man takes plastics from number 1 - 7. How do I know a plastic's number?
  • Cans - Includes aluminum soda/pop cans, as well as metal soup/vegetable cans. Remember, anything that has contained anything other than water must be thoroughly rinsed out.
  • Glass - Don't throw out old glass jars and bottles - recycle them!

*Cardboard needs to be broken down and bundled (with either duct tape, twine, string, etc). Bundles need to be under 4 feet in length and about 1 foot in diameter. We will pick up 5 bundles at a time.

WET RECYCLING is considered TRASH.

Recycling in BLACK trash bags is TRASH.

Recycling that has been contaminated by trash is trash.

The Garbage Man unfortunately cannot recycle Styrofoam or Porcelain.