Commonly Asked Questions

QUESTION: I am going out of town on vacation. Can I suspend my trash service?

Yes you can!

If you are going out of town or need to suspend your service for a duration of time, let us know.

We can suspend your account if you are going out of town for 3 weeks or longer. Please follow these steps to suspend your account.

1. Notice of Service Suspension must be submitted to The Garbage Man in writing prior to stop date.

2. Please email us at with your name, service address and the dates that you will be leaving and returning.

3. To restart service, Please email us to confirm that you are back in town and the date that you would like to resume service. (We understand that sometimes trips can run longer or shorter and exact dates may be flexible. This is why it is important to let the office know when you are officially back in town. Thanks!)


* Your account must be paid and current to be placed on a Service Suspension.

* If you are out of town for 1 or 2 weeks, we cannot suspend your account.

* If the office is informed of your vacation/suspension AFTER the fact, we will not be able to credit your account. Please see #1 in beak down above. Thank you.

QUESTION: I've been doing some spring/fall cleaning and they didn't take all of my trash. How come?

If you are ever remodeling your home, or cleaning out your garage, or moving, etc, and have extra trash, you will need to call our offices ahead time to schedule a large pickup as extra trash/remodel waste would constitute an extra charge. Please see our Restrictions page for more details.

QUESTION: I'm trying to pay my bill online through my bank, and they need an account number. What is my account number?

Your account number is going to be very easy for you to remember. All it is, is your last name (i.e. Jones) and the numbers of your home address (i.e. 10001 Something Street). So your account number is going to be Jones10001.

QUESTION: My pick-up is usually around 9am, and now it's almost 10 and they're still not here. What happened?

The Garbage Man is a small, local company. So sometimes, depending on many variables (such as weather, heavy/large pick-ups, new customers being added to the route, or even employee illness/truck maintenance) our trucks may be slowed down. Don't worry! Our guys are very dedicated, and they are always out there getting the job done.