Garbage Containers

Clients of The Garbage Man are welcomed and encouraged to use their own garbage containers.
Acceptable options for trash cans are:
Option A)
You may continue to use whatever containers you have on hand, even if they are from your previous provider and bear their name and logo.
Whatever you've got works for us!
Option B)
You may place your trash out on the curb in trash bags.  Please just keep the limit of bags between 8 and 12 per week.
As long as the trash is not in a loose pile on the street, we'll pick it up!
Option C)
You may purchase a garbage can directly from The Garbage Man.  Then the cans is yours to keep and do whatever you like with it.  Please call our office at 720-842-4558 for details in regards to size, price and availability.
please see picture in link below.
Janie Rhodes,
Apr 2, 2013, 3:17 PM