The Garbage Man's 2019 Holiday Schedule
Holiday: Independence Day

Please Note:  The Garbage Man will be running a NORMAL schedule on Independence Day, 7/4/2019.  Trash and recycle routes will be normal all week.

Thank you and HAPPY FREEDOM DAY!


*a good rule of thumb around the holidays - if you 're not sure if your schedule is delayed - have it out on your normal day.  That way, if it is NOT delayed than it will get picked up as usual and if it IS delayed than it will get picked up the following day.

When In Doubt, Put It Out! :D

Week-to-Week: NO DELAY

Please Note: The Garbage Man is operating on a normal schedule.

Please remember to check back to find out if there are any delays/what the delayed schedule will be.

Please be sure to have your trash and recycling out the night before or before 6 am* to ensure for pickup.  

Thanks and have a great day!

*in the summertime we ask that materials be out before sunrise as our guys get started earlier to beat the heat.

***PLEASE BE AWAREWet Recycling (i.e. wet cardboard/papers, etc) is considered CONTAMINATED and therefore TRASHED by the recycling plant when we take it to them.***

When In Doubt, Put It Out! :D